Grindr Photo Under Review

Adding a grindr photo to your profile.

It is quite simple to add a photo to your grindr profile. You just need to tap the mask shape, tap the photo icon on the top left of the screen and add an uploaded picture. However getting your photos approved might be seen as harder to do.When grindr says “grindr photo under review” it’s not such a big problem. The move from grindr photo under review to approval usually takes less than an hour-about 20 to 45 minutes.

Grindr photo problems

Grindr photo under reviewHowever there does seem to a be problem about getting a grindr photo under review to be approved on Sunday, according to anecdotal evidence on the internet. It may be better to choose a better day to upload your photo. One thing that may slow down a grindr photo under review is the server. At certain times there may be an influx of photos and grindr cannot cope with them all. The only thing you can do in these circumstances is just be patient, they will get to you eventually. You might need to contact your server just to make sure that there isn’t a problem their end. There might be a problem if your network has adult filters or you are uploading your picture onto a computer with an adult filter.For the record there are filters in EE, O2, BT-light and several others.

Is your grindr photo under review constantly? Do they keep changing it and you keep reverting back? This is probably where you are going wrong. You are best off just leaving the changes-the cropping of photos-as they are.If your grindr photo under review never becomes approved, it’s definitely a good idea to choose a better image. These grindr photo under review thing cannot be a coincidence. Just chose something tasteful and something well photographed.