Free gay dating site vs. gay dating apps

free gay dating siteLooking to meet up with hot gays in your city? Look no further: Thanks to the widespread success of free gay online dating sites and apps, hooking up with fit lads or finding sexy singles is now easier than ever before. Guys that do not make use of online dating services to find matches are almost the exception nowadays, and if you want to find out who else is gay in your neighborhood, all it takes is to create an account, log in on your smartphone to view the profiles of of all the gays around you. The temptation of setting up a profile on a free gay dating site is hard to resist indeed, as all you need to do is to log in and wait for others to read through the short blurp on the profile and chat you up if they are interested. A hook up or date is only a profile view and a message away, and most websites are full of singles that use the services on a daily basis. While guys on gay apps have the reputation to be mostly on the lookout for action rather than serious dating, there are quite a few singles who clearly state in their profile texts that they are more interested in dating and relationships rather than hookups and casual sex. In the end it is up to you to decide what you want and how you want to present yourself in your profile on a free gay dating site. Finding singles has never been easier than it is now, with almost all sites offering a free basic account that allows you to log in, create your own profile and view the full pictures of other members. A life full of new opportunities, hot dates, hook ups and the chance to find your special someone may only be a message away from you, so why not give it a try and find sexy singles based in your city? Our life has never been as convenient and so full of opportunities as it is here. Are there still any other popular meeting places for our community other than sites were we view each other’s picures over and over again?


Success of the free gay dating site: Are guys still meeting each other in gay bars?

The gay bar as the classic hotspot for making new friends and finding a hoop up for the night is neither dead nor on the decline, but the focus seems to have shifted somehow: Long before the breakthrough success of gay online dating sites and apps, bars and clubs were some of the few safe environments where men could find out who else in the city is gay or bisexual or meet up with buddies and dates. Unsurprisingly, this function as a place to find gays has been taken over by the apps and sites to some degree. A free gay dating site now is what the gay bar was in the 80s and 90s. While gay men still frequent bars and clubs to hang out with their mates and the popular places are still full in the evenings, browsing gay apps and dating websites seems to be much more efficient than heading over to a bar to hook up. All it takes is checking out a couple of profile texts and chatting up a handsome, interesting guy searching for the same. Some say that the convenience of gay dating apps brings certain negative aspects with it, though: They complain that nobody talks to new lads in bars anymore, as everybody is just sticking to their familiar group of mates. And if there is an attractive man that catches the interest, many of us would now rather fire up their free gay dating site or app to check out if he is online. “It takes less effort and boldness to log in and send someone a message here than to walk over to a stranger in a gay bar and chat him up, and if there is no reply, you don’t care much. Having somebody reject you face-to-face, that hurts, though.”, says Jake, a fit gay man in his late twenties that could probably charm any handsome single in a gay bar with ease. “I don’t judge, I mean we are all happy to have all the apps and stuff, but it does make people a bit lazy sometimes. I’d be so much more impressed if a guy came over and hit on me in a bar or at the gym. And here, very few people do this nowadays. They log in, view your profile when you’re online and drop you a message instead. That being said, apps are great to get to know new people if you’re a bit shy or insecure, or if you are new in a city. You get a full view of the scene there by logging in, and this definitely makes our lives more convenient.”



Free Gay Dating Site: Revolution or Evolution?

What gay online dating apps basically do is turn normal, everyday situations into a potential gay dating ground where we can view any other members who are in our proximity. But what does this mean? You don’t have to hang out in the scene to find other gays, even in the supermarket, at the cinema or at your gym, you can find out who else is on using dating apps. There are great free apps for all kinds of sexual preferences and communities, too: There is a free gay dating site for scruffy, muscular and hairy hunks, one where bears meet each other, and even gay sugar daddies and sugar boys are able to find a free gay dating site that targets men just like them. Even bisexual married men looking for an affair or sex with other gays can be found on gay dating apps. The diversity of men that can be found on a single free gay dating site is as stunning as the gay community as a whole, and all it takes is one apt scene insider to come up with a unique free gay dating site for a specific group.



Tips for your gay dating profile

Arguably, the profile pic is the most important part of your profile on every good free gay dating site as it is usually the first thing others view before they even consider reading your message. Would you contact guys without clear pictures of themselves? Probably not. We all want to know what the other boy looks like when we chat him up, be it for a spontaneous hookup, friends with benefits or the full package with serious dating. While the looks are not the only thing that makes a man interesting and attractive, they are usually the first signal we look for and judge when we browse the profiles of complete strangers. Most free gay dating sites and dating apps have functions that allow any members to show each other additional pictures via the chat, and some even allow you to upload a couple of pictures to a photo gallery in your dating profile that can be unlocked for members to view that you find interesting. Most gay apps and dating sites don’t allow you to use very daring pictures or nudity in your profile, but sharing photos via a hidden album or in the chat is a popular method to show other guys what you’ve got and make them hungry for more. But what if you have no interest and he just doesn’t read the signs? Basically all gay dating services allow you to block abusive or simply annoying users if you don’t want them to contact you any longer. Blocked users cannot browse your profile and your pictures anymore after they log in, and you aren’t able to contact them either.



Do men find actual relationhips on gay apps?

It depends. Admittedly, the numerous profiles with shirtless , muscular headless torsos that can be found on any free gay dating site suggest the majority of users is really only up for a hookup with another handsome man and casual sex dates, and a lot of members look for one-night-stands rather than proper dating. However, a look in the profile texts reveals that most guys are actually open to serious dating, relationships or friendships, too. The online environment of gay apps may appear overly sexualized, but in the end, even one-nighters can lead to more than what one originally expected. The first evening is a good opportunity to get a feeling about what the other member is up to, and sometimes our initial judgement based on the chat message of that user turns out to be completely wrong. There’s only so much we can communicate to another member through text messages, and what really matters in the end is that we like and have mutual interest in each other when we meet up for the first time. Gay dating websites offer you the opportunity to browse and meet different gay singles for hooking up, sex, dating and relationships, but it is up to you to make it happen and find somebody that meets your expectations. Sometimes you might be disappointed when you meet a member in real life, but quite often you will find him to be a positive surprise, and the first date after a chat is always an exciting opportunity to find your personal Mr. Right without having to hang out in the gay scene all the time. Not all sites are equally suitable for singles that only want to meet other single men or daddies. If you have a look at the different sites, read what other users write in the chat and view the photos that the single men post there, you might get quite a good idea what the scene at these particular sites is like whether it may be the right one for you or only a waste of time.



What if I’m only on for a hot sex date and regular fun?

It makes things easier for both sides if you are straightforward about what you are looking for when you shoot a message to a member you would like to meet. Most likely, you use the website for a particular reason and want matches with singles that have similar preferences rather than a random message from people who use the service for different reasons. While most gay guys are relatively open when it comes to sex and fun with other people they meet online, there is no point to waste the time of members looking for something more serious if you don’t have any interest in relationships. There are enough attractive singles and sexy gay daddies just waiting for your message that are open to chatting, meeting up for steamy action or more. If you know what you want and how to get it, gay online dating is a very convenient way to spontaneously hook up and get to know more gay singles. Just log in t your personal account on any free gay dating site, share some sexy photos and read the full messages that other hot singles send you. If you like what you see, don’t be shy and send a quick message to the other user to see if you’re on the same page and what he is up for. The whole point of using gay dating sites is that you can chat with men you find attractive without spending all your evenings in the gay scene trying to pick somebody up at a gay bar. From your own dating account, you can easily send other singles on the site a message and see how it goes. There are a lot of ripped, gym-fit daddies and muscle hunks, geeks, bears, twinks and more that can do without all the dating and just want to hook up with another member, so there’s no need to shy back if that’s what you are looking for.



Tips for meeting singles on gay dating sites 

If you want to find good matches, there are some important things to consider. Try to be open about what you are looking for and remember why you use the page. Of course you do not have to provide the full story on your profile page, but if you tell other people that view and read your page what you are open to and what you are interested in right now, it may save both of you a lot of time. Otherwise, the first thing you will get to read in any message is usually “What are you looking for on here?”, and you probably don’t want to waste time explaining yourself over and over again if you are not open to action right now or if you are only interesting in other singles. That way, whenever you log in to chat with other singles and to view your message inbox, you may get more matches with singles that actually interest you. Whenever you view a profile that you find attractive, don’t be shy and feel free to send the person a message, even if he is not online right now. You never know if you are his type if you don’t try, and if you only view his photos without sending a message, he might get the impression that you are not interested anyway. Sometimes we have to go out of our comfort zone and take the initiative if we ever want a particular hottie to notice us.